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Legacy Billiard Techs offers a range of services for all your pool table service and maintenance needs.
Move and Set Up
Moving a pool table can be precarious.  Done incorrectly, your pool table can quickly become damaged, inviting costly repairs and potentially physical harm to you and your home.  Legacy Billiard Techs is experienced and efficient at moving your pool table and setting it up again, ensuring the safety of your investment and your home, not to mention your back!  We'll also ensure that your table is set up again with careful precision.
Assemble and Set Up Only
Already own a table and just need help setting it up?  Whether you've bought your table and are looking for a less expensive alternative to retail assembly charges or you've just moved here and have an unassembled table in your game room, we can help.  We will give your table the precision set up it needs so that you can play like a pro.
Reengineer Pocket Openings
We can adjust pocket openings to maximize performance and playability.  The current trend is tighter pockets, making the game more challenging. We reengineer your pockets by recalibrating your rails, precisely adjusting the compound angles on your cushions, rather than cutting corners and simply adding shims.
Manufacture New Sub-Rails
Rails can become warped and worn out after years of play and recovering.  As experienced billiard techs and master carpenters, we can manufacture new sub-rails, the front part of your rail where your rubber attaches.  Not only will this improve your table's performance, it will also extend its life.  In the process, we will also recalibrate your rails to optimize play (see section on Rail Recalibration).
Change Pool Table Cloth
We can change the worn cloth on your pool table using any color or make you desire.  We can bring you samples, if you're ready for a change.  We can make recommendations to bring your pool table up to the quality the pros use to help elevate your game to the next level. 

We highly recommend changing your cloth at least every six months, more if you play more frequently, due to the natural wear and tear that weather, air conditioning, heating, and play cause to your cloth. 
Rail Repair
We replace or repair rubber rails on your table to help ensure you get the best bounce and most true play on your table.  Cushion life largely depends on the quality of the rubber.  In a climate controlled environment, basic rails are likely to last five to seven years, while higher quality rubber is likely to last fifteen years or more.  We can help you assess the condition of your rails and make recommendations to improve your play while fitting your budget.
Recalibrate Rail Cushions
Typically, when tables are manufactured, the rails are designed to meet a basic standard.  The goal of that standard is to maximize the manufacturer's ability to produce hundreds of tables in a short amount of time.  Precision play is not the manufacturer's top priority.  Much as you have to adjust your driver's seat settings in a brand new vehicle the first time you get in, your rails need fine tuning as well to optimize play.  We will carefully adjust the complex angles in your cushions to maximize your table's performance and playability.
Slate Repair
 If your slate has become cracked, broken, or chipped, we can restore it and have it playing seamlessly.  No more missed balls or unpredictable rolls due to a sub-par slate!
This linen fold pool table was designed and hand carved by the owner, Russell Chilton.  Other than cloth, slate, and pockets, every piece of this table was built in the Legacy Carpenters of San Antonio workshop.
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